The study of blood and blood disorders is called hematology which helps in the diagnosis of anemia, infection, hemophilia, leukemia and blood clotting disorders. Routine hematology tests like FBC, ESR and blood grouping are being performed using high-level automated analysers thus ensuring better quality results and faster turnaround time.

Clinical microbiology

Microbiology section at Novalab provides routine microbiology, including both aerobic and anaerobic bacterial cultures.


Novalab has access to high-end dedicated analysers, all manned by highly trained and qualified professionals. Hormone assays, cancer markers, infectious markers, markers of autoimmune disorders and maternal screening tests are being performed in these sections.

Clinical biochemistry

The biochemistry section is equipped with fully automated, state of the art integrated analysers, which avoids the incidence of preanalytical errors and the advanced and superior technology being used helps provide accurate results with short turn-around-time.

Clinical pathology

Testing in this section is performed by highly trained and qualified personnel to ensure best quality reporting of urine, stool, semen and other body fluid samples.


The cytopathology section is staffed with experienced technologists for faster and better processing of specimens and a qualified cytopathologist to ensure best quality reporting. NovaLAB provides testing of cervical smear and offers fine needle aspiration services.

Molecular biology

The Molecular Biology section operates in a P3+ environment using latest qPCR techniques and equipped with state-of-the-art technology allowing a wide range of molecular biology tests to detect different microorganisms including bacteria and viruses. NovaLAB is one of the two private approved COVID19 RT-PCR testing facilities in Mauritius. Soon, NovaLAB will provide a Syndromic Panel-Based qPCR Testing in Clinical Microbiology for the rapid detection of pathogens to help clinicians in diagnosing STDs, enteric, respiratory and urinary infections

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