General Faq

Your test helps your doctor determine your overall health, diagnose disease and decide your treatment. Laboratory tests will provide valuable information to your doctor.

Depending on the test or tests ordered, you may be told not to eat food for 8–12 hours before coming to the laboratory, or you may be told to only eat certain foods. For other tests, you may be told to drink more or less than what you would normally drink 8–12 hours before the test. You may be asked not to smoke before the tests. If your doctor tells you laboratory tests are ordered, ask for special instructions or talk with a member of the laboratory team.

A vein on the inside of your arm may be the source. First, the skin over the vein is cleaned with alcohol or an antiseptic. Next, a tourniquet is wrapped around the upper arm to enlarge the veins in the lower arm by restricting blood flow through them. A small needle is gently inserted into a vein and the tourniquet is removed. Blood flows from the vein through the needle, and is collected in a syringe or blood tube. After the needle is taken out, the puncture site is covered for a short time to stop any bleeding. You will be told how to collect urine samples, stool, sputum, semen or other specimens that can be collected at home.

You may request a copy of your lab results by coming to NovaLAB post-test. You may also request for the report to be emailed to you or your doctor. You will be updated once your test results are ready.

A normal range of lab values is established by summarizing a large number of test results from a healthy population of patients.  When your own test result values fall outside of these predictive ranges, you and your physician should discuss what implications the abnormal value has for your own present health condition.  Your physician may choose to consult with our pathologist at NovaLAB, who is an expert in interpretation of lab values and identification of disease in biological specimens.

Our main lab is located in Socota Phoenicia, Solferino. Our collection centres along with domicile services are coming up soon around the island.

The lab is functional between Monday-Friday: 7 AM – 5 PM and Saturday:7AM – 2 PM. Sundays and Public Holidays – Closed

You can book an appointment before your arrival for the COVID-19 test at the laboratory. Kindly bring along your identity card (NID/Passport) which is mandatory for testing.